One sad day, someone hurt you
you were victimised
they were cruel, they were weak
they told you not to speak

The shame, the violence, the shock
you kept asking them to stop
the coldness in their eyes
so hard to realise

They were someone you could trust
they used you to feed their lust
it takes time to come to terms with
we now use the experience to give

We give back now to help others
we have new sisters and brothers
lets speak, lets talk lets shout
we have something to talk about

We want to educate our children
we have somewhere to begin
Lets start this right here
in the season of good cheer

Lets fight for all the children
Lets fight for our sisters and brothers
We should never quiet our voices
we always can make better choices

So lets hear it for our future
our children, and grandchildren’s future
it starts with good parenting
and educating our children

We all know right from wrong
thats why we have to shout this song
domestic violence should not go on
rape culture has gone on too long

No more to mental cruelty
no means no, yes means no is absurdity
no more to domestic violence
lets not leave this all to chance

Fight, fight back to change
the law has to rearrange
we are worth so much more
this must not go on “no more”

When victims become survivors
we survive and thrive
we are strong
and have the will to carry on



those in need

Locally, nationally and internationally, Living With Abuse is a vocal advocate for the vulnerable and at risk, displaced children and adults in our community. We aim at local, provincial and national residents and help every corner of the globe to help children, adults and families in need. Trained in suicide intervention, as well as with youth suicide, peer support and health care.


​Please help stop child abuse 

Please help to stop domestic violence

Abuse is a global problem, 1 in 4 women and children are abused, 1 in 6 boys and men are also sexually abused. At Living With Abuse, the belief is that as more men and boys voice about their abuse, the real numbers, will start to surface. We believe that the numbers boys vs girls are very similar if not more for boys. In encouraging more men to be vulnerable, is where we will find out the true numbers.


​Stalking is a form of abuse

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Works with people in communities across Canada, North America and globally to "make a difference". To help bring down sexual, physical and mental abuse! Assisting with survivors of family violence, & financial abuse and helps survivors of trauma recover in this violent world!

Supporting the Sempi model our aim is to raise awareness of the needs of Mental Health for our children, as well as adults and seniors. Starting from the ground up, the belief is that parents are to be made aware of the risks of sexual abuse from even primary ages (0-3 years old) this is a serious issue!

Living With Abuse


our children!

Living With Abuse has devoted its energy to passionately advocating for children, adults men & women, in need, after the effects of sexual, mental, physical & financial abuse. Controlling women & men are a huge part of our society, more education is needed to encourage change & prevent unsafe relationships.

    There is no limit to who we help​

    At risk adults suffering from physical, mental, sexual and financial abuse

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